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Hogan '85: Don't You Forget About Me

Hi Spartans!

This blog is to assist in finding and notifying Hogan High Class of 1985 alumni about our 25th High School Reunion.

I had called Hogan months ago and the office told me that they can't release any information to me - names, addresses, you name it. So we're on our own.

I've created the Facebook group. As of today, we've got 86 members there. I also created a Yahoo group. There are 24 members there now. Today, I just created an event at SFGate.com. We're also online at Wordpress. If I remember correctly, we had a graduating class of 352. Hopefully, our old classmates with whom we have no contact at the moment are web savvy and can find us through one of these sites. If you're not yet a member of our Facebook or Yahoo group, then this blog has served its purpose. Please join us there asap!

The early discussions online pointed to August 2010 as the target. I'd like to set the tentative date as Saturday August 7, 2010 for the sit-down dinner. We may have no-host cocktails on the Friday night before the reunion if folks want to meet on a Friday. Maybe Applebees? We can also have a Family Picnic at a park (say Blue Rock Springs Park) from 12 PM to 3 PM either that Saturday prior to the sit-down dinner or the next day, Sunday August 8.

We haven't finalized a venue at this point. Everything is still tentative and up for discussion. There's a lot of planning to do and we're open to all the help we can get. You can help by joining a planning committee or just providing feedback either by participating in one of our polls or sending us an email or post. Let's make this a very memorable and fun reunion. Join us now!


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Don't You Forget About Me

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