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Hogan High School Class of 1985

Hello 1985 Spartans!

I'm J.F. Perseveranda, Hogan Class of 1985. I am the sole admin of HoganSpartans.com and all its sub-sites including this site 1985. I am also the creator/admin of the Hogan High School Facebook page. I frequently get asked to post events on the page. My solution is for each Hogan HS class to have its own website. You can then share these posts (events) on Facebook, share on email, Twitter, etc. Just within Class of 1985, not everyone is on Facebook. Being out on the web is the best solution. It's accessible by our 'social media' shy classmates.

I use Google Ads to help pay for the site so please disable your ad blockers for all sites under HoganSpartans.com. Thank you so much!

There is room for 99 more authors for 1985.hoganspartans.com. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis. These 99 authors will be the ones posting about events and photos on the site, so sign up asap.

There are only two requirements to be an author on this 1985 site:

  1. Be a 1985 graduate of Hogan High School.
  2. Have a Google account (Gmail).

Already registered as an author on our 1985 blog:

  1. J.F. Perseveranda
  2. Jill Horan
  3. Glenn Pingol
  4. Renora Nelson
  5. Christine Heath
  6. Tex Cuabo
  7. Tanya Feldman
  8. John Jaggard
  9. Doreen Tate
  10. Tammie Wong
  11. Tracey Donaldson
  12. Kay Groves

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